Mo’ Money, Mo’ Fazhan (Development)

In China there is one thing that’s true: Mo Money = Mo Fazhan!

Laowai Style

Learn about Beijing, China and what life as a Laowai is like!

Bilingual Rap "Huaqing Jiayuan"

A white guy rapping in Chinese to Jay-Z!


An homage to the great work “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell”, filmed in the fall of 2010 in the Beijing subway.

Like a Boss: Chinese Version

Jesse’s Chinese version of “Like a Boss” filmed at the Harvard Beijing Academy!

Laowai Style 8th Grade Remix

Middle schoolers in a Washington, DC Chinese class make their own Laowai Style!!

Who’s on First? Chinese Version!

A short Xiangsheng-esque import of Abbott and Costello’s classic!

Stand-up at The Bookworm

Jesse’s Chinese-language standup routine about Boston, Massacusetts.

Mitch Hedberg in Chinese

Jesse translated some Mitch Hedberg jokes in Chinese for the sake of a wacko experiment.

Where Have the One Kuai Chuanr Gone?

Lamenting the loss of one of the greatest cultural achievements of Chinese civilization.

Happy Hannukah Standup from Beijing!

Everyone should be getting into the Hannukah spirit, including Chinese people!