I enjoy writing about my experiences here and about how comedy is a fantastic way to learn about and interact with China. The following are pieces that I have composed myself as part of trying to bridge the cultural comedy gap between the West and China. Many thanks to the many platforms and magazines who have allowed me to share my stories with their readerships!


Self-Censorship on Chinese TV: An American Comedian’s Experience

Poor is the New Rich in the Viral Video from an Expat in China

Public Radio International:

Audio Interview: Self-Censorship on Chinese TV

Brandeis Alumni Magazine:

This Guy is Laowai Style

World of Chinese:

Morally Bankrupt Americans


Chinese Comedy, Street-Style

China Personified:

What’s Not Funny in China?

From China, With Laughs

Boston, Beijing, and the Marathon Bombs

Rapping in Chinese to Jay-Z

An American Beijinger in Taipei

The Xiangsheng Throwdown at Wu Lin Feng Teahouse

Solo Dance

Becoming a Clown-Scholar

On TV with Da Shan and Joe Wong

Satire and Cultural Miscommunication

Cross-town Traffic

Behind the Scenes at a Chinese TV Studio

My Very Own English Gentleman

Improvisation and Culture

Finding Myself through Laughter