A Joke (Not Really) About Ambassador Locke

Wang Zijian is a popular comedian whose “Post-80’s Generation Talk Show” program is one of the closest things that there is to a stand-up comedy show on Chinese television. Many Chinese will bring up Wang Zijian and his show when I mention I do Chinese-language western-style stand-up, and I oftentimes watch this show to see […]

My Knight in Shining Armor

I feel like a good bit of my time as an intercultural comedian in dealing with the problems of an angsty teenager. I spend a lot of time looking for that special person. Someone who understands me, who will support me, who encourages me to be the best person I can be, all the while […]

Thwack, Headshot

Today I spent a good bit of the morning sinking into the back seat of a cab while the driver pummeled himself on the head with a knotted wooden branch, all while yelling, “This is how I keep myself healthy nowadays!” As you learn about cultural practices, sometimes things strike you as a little strange […]

Highs, Lows, and Impromptu Shows

Last month, for inexplicable reasons surely having to do with the cosmic vagaries of fate, I watched a four-hour documentary on the voyage of Lewis and Clark. Lewis and Clark literally headed into the blank spaces on the map. Behind each turn of the Missouri river laid something that may be exciting, devastating, or, at […]

‘Laowai Style’ – One American’s mission to share the power of comedy in China

‘Laowai Style’ – One American’s mission to share the power of comedy in China Jesse Appell has used both viral music videos and traditional Chinese comedy to appeal to Beijingers and international audiences A piece on my comedy journey by the South China Morning Post!! Super excited to get Hong Kong in on the comedy […]

‘Mo Money Mo Development’: Applying China’s economy to P. Diddy

‘Mo Money Mo Development’: Applying China’s economy to P. Diddy My own piece about my new video as published by PBS Newshour! I want to post more about the various coverage of my pieces so this seems like a good one to do! Take a look 🙂

Mo Money Mo Fazhan: My new video!

It’s out! My brand new bilingual rap song about the Chinese economy! Watch it on Youtube, or watch it on Youku! I’ve been excited about the response to the piece from the community—amongst my key audience demographics of China-watchers and overseas Chinese the video has gotten great receptions. I’m going to have at least one […]

My Passport Makes Me a Millionaire

Sometimes there are issues in China that only effect small amounts of people, but strike such a chord with most Chinese that these issues come up again and again in conversation. “Investment Immigration” is one of these, and today I saw a video meant to explain (and satire) those who take part. Investment Immigration is […]

When Someone Misses The Joke: Jimmy Kimmel, China, and YouTube Responses

When one makes a joke where race or nationality is involved, there is often that one  nervous second before one knows if the joke was taken as such—a joke—or if it had offended instead. Where people trust each other and the environment is right, words that might be offensive actually become funny—an insult becomes well-meant […]

Tricks of the Trade

My Xiangsheng master is seventy years old has been performing since he was a young boy. Over the years, he’s figured out some tricks to putting on a show and making sure nothing can go awry. This past Tuesday, at a show we performed in Beijing, he had a bunch of them on display. Trick […]